A meditation on borders impassable, invisible, broken, and rebuilt.

The HOTEL EUROPE ONLINE experience by Epiphany VR is now live!

When you arrive at HOTEL EUROPE, where you're from doesn't matter. But your key could take you anywhere. Explore a building where behind every door is a new story, a new place, a new perspective. Part interactive theatre, part audio installation, these five aural snapshots give the listener privileged access to secret histories, treasured, passed down, forgotten, or threatened.

HOTEL EUROPE is created by Isley Lynn and Philipp Ehmann with emerging and award winning writers Tom Black, Ben Hudson, Rafaella Marcus, Gael Le Cornec and Milly Thomas.

Sound design by Will Alder. Dramaturgy by David Loumgair.

Following an initial run at Green Rooms, HOTEL EUROPE is available as a digital experience, supported by MGCfutures and created in partnership with Epiphany VR, allowing the rest of the UK & the world to experience the pieces.