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by Eve Leigh

“Of course you take me away from the world, and who cares … you’re the best reason I know to wake up.”

17 Feb - 23 Mar 2019
Bush Studio

Mira’s husband, Jonah, died seven months ago, but that doesn’t mean that either of them are ready to let him go.

For most of her life Jonah has been Mira’s reason to get out of bed in the morning. So when he does his final disappearing act, Mira can’t quite believe her eyes. She knows she should be moving on. And yet, Mira finds herself caring less and less about the world outside.

The Trick is a magic show about the parts of life we don’t talk about – the realities of getting older and coming to terms with loss. Ghosts, goldfish, mediums, and sleight-of-hand collide in this unpredictable exploration of ageing and grief by Eve Leigh (Stone Face, Silent Planet). This world premiere will be directed by award-winning Roy Alexander Weise (The MountaintopNine Night).

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A meditation on borders impassable, invisible, broken, and rebuilt.

The HOTEL EUROPE ONLINE experience by Epiphany VR is now live!

When you arrive at HOTEL EUROPE, where you're from doesn't matter. But your key could take you anywhere. Explore a building where behind every door is a new story, a new place, a new perspective. Part interactive theatre, part audio installation, these five aural snapshots give the listener privileged access to secret histories, treasured, passed down, forgotten, or threatened.

HOTEL EUROPE is created by Isley Lynn and Philipp Ehmann with emerging and award winning writers Tom Black, Ben Hudson, Rafaella Marcus, Gael Le Cornec and Milly Thomas.

Sound design by Will Alder. Dramaturgy by David Loumgair.

Following an initial run at Green Rooms, HOTEL EUROPE is available as a digital experience, supported by MGCfutures and created in partnership with Epiphany VR, allowing the rest of the UK & the world to experience the pieces.




“This is our land Ruby.
We’ve got to keep hold of it. We’ve got to fight for it.”

"a writer to watch"

"we never forget the proximity of the sea, its whims, its moods, the hold it can exert over people"
The Stage

Broadway Baby
Theatre Weekly
Breaking the Fourth Wall


Rising sea levels are threatening the ground beneath her house but Ruby is wildly distracted. She wants one final blow out before her best mate Lucy leaves for Uni.

With the local community in favour of letting nature take its course, Ruby must choose: follow Lucy inland or stay and help her father hold back the tide.

SEA FRET is about erosion - the collapsing and falling in of the rock solids of friendship, family and home.

“Loving where you live with every bone in your body has got to count for something.”

Tallulah Brown’s latest play is a paean to her native Suffolk coastline, written with support from the Peggy Ramsay Foundation. Her previous play about female bullfighter Conchita Cintron, After the Heat we Battle for the Heart, was commissioned by VAULT Festival.
Directed by Carla Kingham (You’re Human Like The Rest of Them - Finborough Theatre, After the Heat We Battle for the Heart - VAULT Festival, No Border - Theatre503, Oxford Playhouse and Nuffield Theatre).

28th March - 22nd April

Old Red Lion Theatre, London


13th September

HighTide Festival, Aldeburgh

"fantastic debut production with great performances from the entire cast"




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Loose Tongue Ltd is a theatre production company that finds, commissions, premieres, and showcases exceptional new writing.

The first Loose Tongue production was Hotel Europe, at Green Rooms Hotel in February 2017, in association with Old Red Lion Theatre, and with support from MGCfutures.

Producer David Ralf is Executive Director of The Bunker Theatre. Productions include The Trick (Bush Theatre/UK Tour), Sea Fret (Old Red Lion Theatre), Hotel Europe (Green Rooms Hotel), Brimstone & Treacle, The Wild Party, Steel Magnolias, Sea Life, The Window/Blank Pages (The Hope Theatre). As Associate Producer: Her Aching Heart (LWL Productions/The Hope Theatre). As Production Manager: Stone Face (Finborough Theatre).


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